« Claim our honor, raise our colours, they are made of blood we versed », by these words from its song Blood Stained Banner, Backdawn defines itself in the deep wish to create a powerful and sincere style of metal. Since 2011, Backdawn’s clan led its own creation step by step, recorded one EP, « Backdawn » in 2012, and its first album « Through Extermination », in 2013, while playing on different local stages.


After their participation at the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle, Backdawn’s musicians opened for bands such as Loudblast, Behemoth, Exodus and Testament. Then, they wrote and recorded their second album « I Shall Burn Your Empire ».


« What an honor ! Great music with many styles, aggression and melody ! Also a band where all the musicians are great ! I am really loving this record... » those are the words wrote by Jeff Waters after he finished to master « I Shall Burn Your Empire » in 2016. The album release shortly came with two clips, after what two members left, throwing Backdawn in doubt and the need to find new musicians able to provide new blood in the band. For the last three years, Backdawn’s wish has been to bring powerful, heady and galvanizing music, made for the stage, more brutal and sharp than those from last albums.


Today, Backdawn comes back after a long time absence from stage, ready to release its new album prefigured by a new EP : Consume. Determined to defend their music and perform their new songs onstage, the four musicians are back with one inspiration : the eager for violence.


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